Freezing time in a single frame.

Over more then three decades, my lens has captured a tapestry of moments, from client sessions to adventures shared with friends, and personal projects, all fueled by passion and hunt for "the shot". Here is a few chosen ones from the archive.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde for Helly Hansen & the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team. Shoot with Field productions in Narvik.
Medals in Sight? Featuring Fredrik Møller, Kaspar Kindem, Thea Strjernesund, and Mina Fürst Holtmann from the Norwegian National Alpine Ski Team for Dale of Norway.
Amidst the vibrant crowd in Bergen, Thor Hushovd, a cycling legend, effortlessly pedaled up Floien during the World Cup.
Norwegian TV series 'Kompani Lauritzen' for TV2 Play - Silje Nordnes comforting Alexandra Rotan before a challenging task ahead.
Driving in Lofoten with Peugot and agency Mccann.
With soulful eyes and a wagging tail, the dog eagerly greeted me with boundless love and unwavering loyalty.
Skier Marcus Caston in AK/Cordova for Helly Hansen/Warren Miller Entertainment
The season ends sking Vengetind
Bikes, views & cinnamon rolls in Tyin area with Eivind and his crew for Grei Oslo.
Northern Norway driving for Peugeot. Check out the story in the Stories section of my website.
Spring skiing and clothing testing for Active brands/Sweet in Sunnmore Alps.
Svalbard - hiking outside Longyearbyen. Client Norrona.
Falketind with Norrona
Winter biking with the kids for Trek Bikes Norway
For travel company Norways Best shot in Aurland/Norway. View over the Aurlandsfjord.
Alaska Camping. Point North Heli. Warren Miller. Helly Hansen. Skiers Kaylin Richardson, Marcus Caston, Øystein Aasheim.
Asbjørn Hellaas finding the sweetspot in Myrkdalen/Norway
A small house on a big field in Iceland. Private project.
Åsmund Magnetun Thorsen. One of my favorite skiers from Ål Norway. Sking bigmountain Alaska like he was born to do nothing else. Client Field Productions for film Supervention 2.
Peak Kyrkja (The Church) in Jotunheimen/Norway.
Swix model Cecilie Välien enjoying the winter vibes. Client Swix.
Working with Supervention II. Aksel Lund Svindal skiing in Alaska/Haines.
Kayaking outside Solund/Norway. Client Fjord Norway.
Legend film creator and camera operator Tom Day from Warren Miller Entertainment and his happy assistant Niel Kasper - its all OK!
Evening by the Sognefjord. Client Fjord Norway.
Out west with the view and the Fjord.
Winter at Norefjell Norway with Outlander PHEV. Client Mitsubishi.
Hiking in Hurrungane - Jotunheimen/Norway. Client Norrona.
Dont be a sheap. Shot in Chamonix. Private project.
Asmund Thorsen in AK during filming for Supervention II by Field Productions.
Have you found your mountain?
Hunting light close by the Sognefjord. Client Norrona.
Out searching for that light again. Private project.
Artic terns flying against the cloudy sky in Iceland. Private project.
The amazing Hardangerfjord as seen from Samlen in Herad. Short and scenic hike from the road.
The Lofoten experience. Town of Henningsvaer. Private project.
At location Sunnmore/Norway for Norrona
Playing at the kings road. Client Statens Vegvesen.
Skier Marcus Caston in AK for Helly Hansen and Warren Miller
On the road with Mitsubishi ASX and MK Norway.
Norrona touring in Jordalen Norway.
Shooting ads with Mitsubishi ASX on Valdresflya/Norway.
Col De Galibier with Globeracer.
Hiking Skittentind (Dirtypeak) on Kvaløya in Troms/Norway.
Early mornings for fishermen and photographers. Client Norwegian Adventure company.
Ron Fischer enjoying the power of the waterflow in Hesjedalsfossen. Hands up!
Rider Kjetil K. Isaksen hunting trails in Sogndal/Norway.
Kjetil K. Isaksen finding his way to the road in Myrkdalen.
Biking with a view at Oksen/Hardangerfjord. Private project.
Hiking alongside the Hardangerfjord. Private project.
I cant help but think, weather be damned! Client Skiing Mag US.
The buck. Hunting season with Norrona.
Summer hiking with a fjordview. Client Fjord Norway and Visit Voss.
Hard work in northern Norway. Ground staff for Wideroe airlines.
Cortina d'Ampezzo in Italy. Sunset from Rifugio Lagazuoi for Cortina Tourism.
Endless road on Iceland. Private project.
Marcus Caston in AK/Cordova for Helly Hansen/Warren Miller Entertainment
Summer and travel for Norwegian Wideroe airlines.
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