"Behind the Lens: The Power of Creative Collaboration"

Looking into the heart of my photographic journey over recent years reveals a tapestry of collaboration and shared visions. Whether it's engaging with clients, embarking on adventures with friends, or delving into personal projects, I've always seen photography as a collective endeavor. Many of my most memorable shots have come to life alongside athletes, magazine editors, film crews, and creative directors. Sometimes, it's simply friends lending a hand. As the fortunate Norwegian behind the lens, I strive to infuse each scene with a unique personal touch. My projects are a blend of my own ideas, those of clients, and inspirations from friends, often interweaving all these elements. A special thank you to those who have shared their words for the stories we've told together. My photographs are a tribute to everyone who has played a part, big or small. You know who you are, and this is for you!

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