Lost Lift: A Farewell to Oppheimsheisen - Gone Too Soon

This collection is a homage to Oppheimsheisen, an integral part of my skiing childhood and a vital asset to a local community, which was taken from us too soon. Alongside my wife and Torkel Karoliussen, we returned to capture the essence of what should not have been its final days. The photographs stands as a statement against its untimely closure, celebrating the spirit and the shared moments that this lift fostered. Through my lens, we document not just a farewell but the importance of preserving such communal treasures. These images serve as a reminder of what was lost too soon.A lift that was more than just a means to ascend, but a pivotal part of our collective journey.

Images captured in 2011.
Skiers Torkel Karoliussen & Elisabeth Hjørnevik

Oppheimsheisen ski lift was decommissioned in 2019. The chairlift, built in 1962, was thereby Norway's oldest operating ski lift.
The journey from the lift house behind Oppheim Church and Oppheim Hotel & Resort to the top of Bergshovden took 8 minutes. There were two slopes, and the area offered great opportunities for ski tours into Oppheimsdalen to Myrkdalen, Uresåsen and much more . The longest alpine run was 2.5 km with a vertical drop of 250 meters.

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